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Business FAQ

What is the cost of the platform for businesses?

Depends on the size of your business. It is very affordable! go to the "Business Sign Up" page and see details there.

What are some of the things I get when I sign up?

List gigs to the platform so Athletes can apply to work with you. 

Have access to college athletes nationwide!

Huge promotion of your business within the Connect NIL Social networks.

Tap into an awesome network of NFL and NBA professionals.

 How do I sign up?

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Business Sign Up” & Fill out the Information
  3. Go to List Gig. (For examples on other Gigs, click here)
  4. When Athletes Apply you will be Notified
  5. Connect Using the Information Provided

 I am not sure if I can afford an Athlete? What can Athletes be compensated with?

Most athletes want to work with you and are extremely reasonable with small businesses, they can be paid with money, product, services, gifts, % of sales.

What if I have certain athletes I would like to work with?

Let our Connect NIL team know. We are awesome at connecting businesses with ANY athlete!

How many deals can I do?

As many as you would like. Although we recommend sticking with 1 at a time for a month, and then creating another one so your Gig gets bumped to the top.