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Athlete FAQ

How do I make a profile?

From the home page, select “Athlete Sign Up” it will take you less than 2 minutes.


What happens after I make a profile?

As a college athlete, you can look at the available gigs, in the “Find Gigs” section, and if you find one you would like to do, select “Interested”.


What happens after I click “Interested” in a gig?

The business is notified that you are interested and they will contact you via the contact information you put in your profile.


Is Connect NIL a Marketing agency?

No, we are a two way marketplace for college athletes and businesses.


Am I allowed to use Connect NIL to find deals?

Show Connect NIL deals to your Universities Compliance Officer and ask them.


I am super interested in a gig, How do I make sure I get it?

We can’t guarantee you will get every gig you show interest in, but you can increase your chances by making sure your profile is well done, and you add a note when you select “interested”.


Does Connect NIL cost anything to college athletes?

NO, it is completely free for college athletes!